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Are you looking for a way to get free rubies in the Clockmaker game? This article will show you how to get them without having to spend any money. Read on to learn the tricks and tips to get more rubies in the game and upgrade your game experience!

What are Rubies in Clockmaker

Clockmaker is a popular mobile game that has been downloaded millions of times since its release. In the game, rubies are a special currency used to purchase items that help progress the game. Rubies can also be used to speed up progress or purchase special items for the game. They are earned by completing tasks, such as puzzles and levels, and can be exchanged for coins. They are a valuable resource and can help make the game a lot easier, faster and more fun to play.

How to get Free Rubies in Clockmaker

Getting free rubies in Clockmaker can be done in a few ways. One of the easiest ways is to use a rubies generator, which is a piece of software that can be used to generate rubies without spending any money. This can be done by downloading the generator and following the instructions to generate rubies. Additionally, some sites offer promotional codes that can be used to get free rubies in the game.

Tips and Tricks to Getting More Rubies

One of the best ways to get more rubies in Clockmaker is to do daily tasks and challenges. Every day, there are new tasks that can be completed to earn rubies. The tasks can be anything from completing a certain number of levels to completing puzzles and other minigames. Additionally, it’s also possible to get rubies by watching ads or by visiting the ingame store.

Upgrading Your Clockmaker Experience with Rubies

Once you have acquired plenty of rubies, you can use them to upgrade your experience in Clockmaker. Rubies can be used to purchase powerups that can help you complete levels faster, as well as special items that can be used in the game. Additionally, rubies can also be used to purchase additional coins, which can be used to purchase additional items and upgrades.